What We Do

  • Live Action, Full Scale Props & Sets

  • Stop Motion Props & Sets

  • Interactive Props & Sets

  • Prop & Set Design

  • High-End Miniatures

  • Detailed Dioramas

  • Development Prototyping

  • Short-Run Manufacturing

We are challenged by the impossible and inspired by the unknown

 Sometimes you need more than an artist - that's where we come in

When our team creates something, it is likely that nobody has ever done it before

We specialize in ‘outside the box’ fabrication. You dream it, we'll make it real

Working with Broken Eagle Studio, you gain a project partner. We understand that the artwork we create together must carry value beyond aesthetic; often having to perform on camera, or even interactively. 

Tight deadlines, strict budgets, or an ambitious concept that has a functional purpose can affect the outcome and execution of your vision.


Our extensive knowledge base and experience in the world of 'outside the box’ fabrication makes us the ideal vendor to partner with.


Sometimes you need more than an artist. Keenly anticipating potential pitfalls and successfully navigating the challenging facets of each unique project are what set us apart.


We’ll work closely with you to ensure the highest level of quality and success for your build project – on time and within budget.


"Broken Eagle is a creative, practical and imaginative production partner. Incredibly collaborative, Bryan and Greg will always go the extra mile to get the job done. For them, the work comes first and this is reflected in the quality of their sets, puppets and props. They work well under stress and can deal with the demanding timelines of commercial production. Highly recommended."

- Jules Brown (Producer, Wieden + Kennedy)

"It's hard to believe such an effective think tank exists in just two people, but it does. Broken Eagle consistently finds a way to make a seemingly impossible idea tangible. Really, its their instinct to innovate where others would replicate that makes their success no surprise at all." 

- Jay Buchanan (singer, Rival Sons)

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